I wish I could write technical blogs the way I do my life one

I like writing software, I really enjoy solving technical challenges, jet for some reason I can’t write about my technical skills and knowledge the way I write this.

Having said that I haven’t put fingers to keyboard since 23 December of last year. I’ve lost my mojo and passion. My last two jobs were so boring and so uninteresting that I find that the more I think about writing software the more I’m put off.

I’m caught between a rock and a hard place, my age and experience drives me in the direction of well paid but pedestrian city jobs, my interests drive me to fast paced and long hours dynamic companies.  Then there are my family commitments, I can’t do the last night codemonkey stuff in the office, but how many companies lest their staff work at home, especially in this day and age with VPN’s and fibre broadband to the home.

Rock and hardplace.