Creating a look for DW at a fraction of the price.

The Look

The Cost

Rag and Bone Cargo Pants Net-A-Porter £266


Noisy May Andy T Shirt @ USC

New Moleskin Combats @ Flecktarn

Pier OneSandals – brown @ Zarlando

  • T Shirt £9
  • Combats £27
  • Shoes £50

Underneath (the best part)

Darcy @ Royce

Poison Ivy String @ French Affaires

  • Bra £24
  • Knickers £35

Add £30 for post and packing, £177 for the look, the combats in the first pic are £266. A fair saving I think

I’ve found alternatives, to the pants, bit more expensive at £35 and £85 respectivly

Minimum Trousers, olive @ Dress for Less

Timberland Slim Fit Stretch Cargo Pants  @ Surfdome