Why I hate IT with a passion.

I’ve had enough of IT or ICT or nue medja or digital this that or the other. As an industry which has been going for longer than I’ve been alive, it amazes me at how crap people arw at/with IT. Business Analysts for example, supposedly the bridge between technology and what happens in “the business”. I worked next to this thirty something, he was working on an actuarial risk adjustment system. He had been working in Assurance all his working life, yet at the age of 34 he didn’t know what a natural log was, he didn’t even what logarithms were used for.

He’d been sitting in a meeting with Actuaries, who threw a strop (understandable) when he didn’t know anything about logs. When he came back to his desk, he was having a sulk about the meeting. I asked him what was wrong, he told me about the Actuaries. I was gobsmacked that he know nothing about what Actuaries did, how the use maths and stats in their day to day job and how they use actuarial tables.

He then looked at me and said, how do you know all that, because I worked with actuaries in the past and written software for them Doh!

It amazes me, not only are people dumb in their own jobs they assume every one else is as dumb as them.