It’s interesting how the parenting of the parents, reflect through to how parents behave towards their own children, DW and I both had very different experiences growing up. My grandparents would always be up at 6am an hour or so before I would get up as a child. DW parents would slob about in bed for as long as they could, basically stay in bed until the very last moment they could, throw on clothes and slap and rush out the door to work.

My grandparents on the other hand, would be up bustling about, as the mornings grew lighter my grandad would be out digging the veggie patch or off fishing or rabbiting (we were very poor so this supplemented what  food they could buy). My grandmother, would be cooking, laundering or doing something or other. The house was very busy.

DW parents were snobs (or thought they were) and would do as little as humanly possible. It was also helped that as DW father was a social worker and children’s home manager and they lived in, cleaning and coking was taken care of by someone else. Plus all DW father had to do was dress and walk down a corridor to be in his office.

The downside is is that I now wake before the children and DW wakes after them, two totally different styles.