The enjoyment of sex with a partner you love and desire.

We had brilliant love making last night, we always enjoy playing with each others bodies, caressing, touching feeling, playing with each other. I do love DW and the way she looks.

I went down on DW first, she’s shaved herself into an off kilter triangle, which is so cute, I felt the hair in the triangle, tickling my nose as I kissed around her pussy, while settling into a comfortable position. Then I started licking her, a simple constant up and down, just slightly to one side of her clit (her favourite spot). She, after two children still has a beautiful neat pussy, its visually similar to the porn star Julia-Ann’s and she paid a lot of money for Labiaplasty.

So I carry on, I could feel her clit getting hard, it’s good feeling it with my tongue, I can feel DW clit shaft (if is called that) getting stiffer as I continued licking. I think the best way to perform cunilingus is steady state continuous licking, the fancy stuff, French kissing her pussy, sucking on her clit, getting my tongue as deep into her as possible, it just the preamble to the constant action. Once I start doing the steady stuff, she relaxes into a fantasy and lets the sensations take over her body until she orgasms.

She shares her fantasy’s with me, I like hearing what goes through her mind on the way to cumming. For me it was a particularly sex one, a lesbian threesome with mild bondage and voyurism (I wish we could try that for real, but it would be too expensive), she was telling me her fantasy as she got into a comfortable position to give me a blowie, both her hand were on my cockshaft and she took my head into her mouth, I sould feel the soft flat action of her tongue on the underside of my cockhead, it’s a lovely sensation, feeling her tongue work around my head as she sucks and her mouth goes up and down. She wasn’t gripping me too tightly with her hand, sometimes I really enjoy having my cock grasped tightly, but last night was sensual sex.

Then we got into position, her on her back, legs up slightly, I was up on my arms so I wasn’t putting any weight on her. She guided me in and we had delicious sex, I lifted her t-shirt to expose her boob (she doesn’t like that anymore, Breast cancer and a single mastectomy saw to that), I don’t get to see her naked that often now-a-days, but I love seeing her in a state of undress.

Sadly, I didn’t ejaculate, the antidepressants see to that plus I don’t want to put too much weight on DW. But damn it was good. See there is a sexlife after breast cancer.