Children and pens, what a bloody mess.

I cleaned the house today, getting it ready for Pesach, my eldest daughter decided to do some drawing. While she was sketching the power puff girls she sucked on the end of the biro, getting a mouthful of blue ink.

While I was helping her to clean herself up, my youngest smeared the remains of the blue ink over two of our sofas. There was a bit of shouting on my part especially as I’d cleaned all of their sticky gunk out of the sofas.

Grrr!!!! it was annoying, while I was shouting I realised it was getting me no-where and wasn’t doing the girls any good. This is one of the toughest parts of parenting, getting your children to be sensible, when they are doing something, as an adult you think what they have done is stupid and they should know better.

There is the idealised way to handle it, quietly without temper and then there is the way we feel when something like smearing biro ink. In this case anger.

Sometimes I just don’t want to look after the kids.