Week 16:1

Today DW is taking DD1 to a rope climb play park for a birthday party. I hope DD1 enjoys it, heights and mobility aren’t her thing.

I’m at home with DD2, she needs quite a bit of attention and I’m very tired as I didn’t sleep well. We bought them Playdoh and Lego yesterday in the hope that it’ll keep them occupied over the next few days of the school holidays. The late night has made me feel quite woozy.

I should go out to the supermarket today, but somehow I’ve lost the ability to do sensible shopping, just as we are grazing more and more, the shopping reflects that. We had got into a good habit of packed lunches for DW work lunch, somehow I’ve lost that since her stay in hospital.

Running around to the shops to get the best deals without a car is hard, made a little harder by having to have the kids with me. Why we resist getting a car I don’t know. The school runs, shopping and party trips would be easier. Especially when the two of them kick off, it would give us the ability to corral them in a car until they have calmed down.