Not the best way to get rid of nits, but damn does it work

The ammonia in perpanent hair colour is about the only thing that can shift the cement that lice use to attach the nits (eggs) to hair. The insecticides don’t really cut it either as lice are becoming more and more resistant to it.

Since the DDs’ have been at the new school, they haven’t had a re-infestation of lice, unlike the independent school, where they were constantly re-infested all the time. During the school holidays we’d eradicate the little bastards (lice not DDs’) but as soon as they got back to the independent school  a re-infestation occurred. Thing is lice love fine, blond western hair and jump to it in droves. Sadly, the majority of the parents at the independent school weren’t that inclined to deal with the problem, I guess they didn’t want to believe that raj’s and rajaya’s were transmission vectors for lice (ffs who calls there kid emperor and empress in English, there is something really fucked in Urdu and Sanskrit).

Take that as you will, but as a British Jewish family (W9’s) we were in the minority of Native Brits (W1’s) and Native Brits were in the minority at the independent school most were A1s’ and O1.

It seems that this is becoming more and more common in east London and Essex border, there have been a number of parents that have moved to our new State faith school for exactly those reasons. It’s quite a difficult subject to talk about, seeing your child ostracised because Urdu, Malayalam Tugulu and other such languages. My kids are over the moon that everyone else is a native English speaker. Not good eh!