Hollister, Gilly Hicks and Forever 21, sorry girls its a no-no

Shit, I never thought I’d ever be a dad who lays down the law and says no to clothes for my girls. Hollister WTF, referring to girls as “bettys”, c’mon what are you playing at, a slang term invented by a patriarchal in-crowd, its a short step to birds, then bints, and from there we’re into a world that no man wants their daughters heading to.

I’m disgusted that a international business portrays cool that way. Forever 21 well no one over the age of fifteen should be in there and if they are then they need to re-assess their personal vision. DW’s mother who is sixty-seven shops in Forever 21, but then this is a wizened old harpy, who believes baby-oil is a sun tanning aid (she’s got tits like raisins glued to a plank – yeh! I’ve seen too much, cos she tried it on with her daughter’s freshly minted husband insane). That for me say’s a lot about the marketing of their products.

And Gilly Hicks, ffs don’t they realise that in the UK it sounds like a pissed up upper middle class has been who’s trying to be too clever by half about Pino Vinagre ’74 vintage paint stripper, push-up bras and thong undies for tweens. The more you sexualize young women and girls the more that young men and boys think that they are sex objects and objectify them and we know what that leads too.

I appologise publicly to my daughters, but the only timenyou can shop there is when you’ve left home, are earning your own money and are free to make your choices with out my overview.

Your one annoyed dad.