UK, kosher & halal, small bit of discrimination.

When you consider that there has been a Jewish community in the UK for nearly a millennia, the is a lot of stupidity regarding kosher food in British institutions.

An example, Whipps Cross Hospital that serves east and North east London (where there is a very large concentration of Jewish families), kosher food is a special request to the kitchen, where as halal is on the menu.

Another example quoted in the JC, British woman couldn’t be served a kosher sandwich on a economy BA flight to Vienna.

So here we are, this is proof positive that there is no Jewish hegemony in the UK, if, as a lot of nutters like to say, Jewish business controls the UK, then there would be more kosher grub available and built into British menus. Yet, throughout London, halal is everywhere.

But there is never a mention of an Islamic hegemony in the UK, mainly because of all the differing sects within Islam, in my part of London, there is Shi’a, Sunni, Alawite, Sufi, Whabi, Iamamhi, Alevi & Ismali, and those are just the masjids within walking distance of our house. In the whole of our borough of London there are three Shuls one of which rarely opens as the have so few congregants.

Given the way that the Islamic world give little in the way of a shit about the Palestinians, Egypt, Jordan, Syria could give up land on the borders of Israel for a Palestinian state (in effect creating a buffer state between themselves and Israel), have they done anything like that – no.

Has Saudi provided anything in the way of true financial help for building a Palestinian state – no.

This is why a one state solution for Israel and Palestine would be great, in one fell swoop, Israel would piss off the Islamic world, so much more than being belligerent and pull the Islamic worlds teeth when it comes to threatening postures.