Views of a Dark World: Illuminating Unseen Infrastructure

I’ve had to reblog this. It shocks me how little people understand about the global infrastructure. I once worked with a network engineer who didn’t know that there were subsea cables that take telephony data around the world.

But as I once worked in the techno-military complex on data network systems for the DOD, MOD and NATO/OTAN, I knew 20 years ago, that because of TTL’s data packets get stored on every piece of infrastructure until the syn/ack’s happen.  We had to manufacture back doors into the firmware so that Intelligence Agencies (the Intelligence corp wouldn’t take me idiots I’m a superb big data analytics developer) could inspect retrieve data.

Thing is its only going to get worse as more and more app transmit data over the network. Bottomline, use Tor more.

Views of a Dark World: Illuminating Unseen Infrastructure –