I bought these and I’d like to get

I bought a new pair of boots Palladium Baggies, I normally wear combat boots and this winter I’ve been wearing a pair of North Face 8″ Ballards

The North Face Men’s Ballard @ outdoorkit

They are a very good pair of boots, but as London is getting warmer, they’re making my feet hot. So I bought these from Palladium.

Pallabrouse Baggy @ Palladium

They suit my quasi military style and I’m hoping they’ll be good for the warmer days. I’m quite tempted by the 6″ Ballards from Northface.

The North Face Men’s Ballard 6 Inch Boots @ OutdoorKit

Or these from Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren Suede Millbrook Boot @ Ralph Lauren

These are all fashion boots and I would never try to do anything serious like hard hillwalking in them.

I’m also tempted with a couple of these keffiya’s


Mainly just to kick against the trend for wearing shemaghs, here in the UK.

1949 Desert Smock @ Silvermans