Weird thing kids want to eat

Presently DD2 is alternating between chunks of sugar and and pickle slices. Weird, but then I’ve just done the same and it’s not a bad combination on the pallet, pulpy, chewy sweet sugarcane followed by sour, briny squidgy pickle. Odd but flavoursome.

We had an incident with a lentil weaving, mumsnet Islington mum at Stratford Queen Elizabeth park. Her little shit of a son, grabbed DD2 by the arm and swung her into a pond, I told
him off. DD1 swung into action and pointed out his mum, she went over told her what had happened and said that he had to apologise. I had noticed this woman because she was deep in conversation with another lentil weaver gassing about medicinal herbs (my take on that, a lot of very clever people have invested a lot time, money and effort into drugs – so I’m taking them).

She came over and told not to be naughty and to say sorry, the little shit said no. So I looked at her and said, “Look, you lazy bitch, if you haden’t been yakking with your stupid whore mates and kept an eye on what he was up to, you wouldn’t be here now eh! He’s a nasty piece of work”. She harumphed, said my daughter was much politer than I was. I went “Yeh! She’s learnt to respect people, but I can’t respect poor parenting like yours”.

That’s going to end up as a mumsnet AIBU tonight. I really dislike, middle class socialist lentil weaving mumsnet fuckers here in London. I bet he goes to montessori in the hope he’ll pass an exam to a grammar school.