Week 15:5

Today is the first day of the school holidays and I got to find ways and means of entertaining the DDs’ over the next two weeks. Yesterday in the space of four hours it was Icecream parlour, I made playdough and then to the park. It can be pretty intense, responding to the demands of children. Also it’s pretty frustrating, my youngest doesn’t want to explain what she wants, this morning she’s just said hungry, I’ll make her breakfast cereal and she won’t touch it. If she does say what she wants its pretty obscure like a lettuce sandwich with no crust and no margarine.

DW is planning on staying in bed until the last moment before going to work. I find that rather annoying she doesn’t consider that I’ll be isolated from grown up contact for eleven hours. Once kids hit school age and you live a distance from the school and have no car, you effectively become isolated from the world around you.

I’ve got to take DD1 to see yet another consultant today, it’ll be the same routine, sit there and explain yet again, he’ll prod and poke her, agree something isn’t right, send her for a battery of tests again, review test and say that there is nothing obvious in the in the (cheapest) set of test results, I’ll point out that if you observe her range of movement and her joint pain, he’ll agree something is wrong and then recommend another consultant and we start over again.