Week 15:4

We’ve currently got a couple of hundred quid at the moment until payday. Hopefully, this weekend we’ll be able to close off a debt.

DW bought me a wallet yesterday which is quite nice, except I then caused a series of running arguments which get quite nasty at times.

You see last year the seeds were sown for our miserable situation now. DW doesn’t see the need to be transparent about what she does. Yesterday, she received an extra £140, rather than letting me know we had extra cash. She decided to start spending it.

Now, because of the hidden drinking last year, I find it difficult to trust her because there is no accountability for the money, it’s always a vague rebuttal when I query money spent.

The second thing that happened is that she decided that I would be taking some child on a play date.  I said no, it’s hard enough looking after two kids let alone throwing a strangers kid into the mix. Especially as this is a male work colleague of hers, admittedly his child is in DD1 class at school but I don’t know anything about them.

So a pretty bitter argument ensued, I’m fed up of always being the one who tries hard to be open, honest and transparent. I don’t feel that DW is actively trying to be democratic or negotiate.

She doesn’t understand that she needs to initiate the conversations first with out my prompting. She wants sleeping dogs to lie, yet all that does is bring about more resentment in me.