Enjoying an egg mayonnaise sandwich

Pity I haven’t got any paprika to put on it, it’s a good combination. It made me realise that since DW’s stay in hospital for an appendicitis, I/We’ve fallen out of the habit of preparing a work lunch for her.

The annoying thing about London is the cost of lunch if you’re working anywhere in zone one. A can of coke can set you back nearly (or sometimes over) £1. Extortionate, include crisps at 55p and a wrap nearly £5 and some days you eat through the best part of a tenner.

We must get back into this habit, DW lacks self control with money and if there’s a pub nearby, then its a double whammy, cost and drink. You see DW has a drink problem which she hasn’t really faced or dealt with. Sadly, she’s also a liar to me and herself. So mix that all up together and and it’s a dangerous mix.

She can justify drinking easily, but she doesn’t get that a pint in zone one is a £5 or more a few of those, then it’s a taste for more, so then it’ll be a couple of miniatures or a bottle of vodka and by the end of the day she’ll have ripped through £50.

It’s shameful, and that shame is yet again another justification to drink. Worst, it’s destructive a self-destruction act on her part, but it’s also destructive to the family. She’s never come to terms with the fact that her parents were exceptionally poor role models and she’s never been able to face them and tell them that.

Then again, they are self-indulgent people so for them it’s easy to be dismissive of the emotional trauma that they have created in DW. It’s quite a sad thing when you consider that both of DW parents are in “caring” professions. DW’s mother is a Macmillan nurse who can only deal with cancer by being drunk, consider how you would feel on seeking advice from. Macmillan Nurse about you stage 2 cancer treatment to discover she is drunk.

On the other hand DW father is a former social worker and now in charge of a numbed of private sector children’s homes. Consider this, every lunchtime he has four pints plus a couple of shots. The children he is responsible for are some of the most vulnerable members of society, yet he elects to be drunk in charge of them.

Did you know that in England and Wales there is no law that prohibits you from being drunk in charge of a child. The nearest to it is the licenced premises act that says that says you cannot be intoxicated in a licenced house with a child under the age of seven.

That is a bit poof of the lawmakers of England and Wales.