Dentists, NHS dentists and the damn cost of teeth

Dentists are crooks, £560 to get one tooth repaired, the fact that they also make you wait three months for an NHS appointment only makes it worse.

You shatter a tooth, you need it repaired, you either have to pay through the nose for it or wait in pain for months.

DW went to see one of those dentists in the toothpaste TV ad. He recommended a mouth guard because she ground her teeth, he fitted it charged for it and then a week later pulled two of her teeth to make way for a bridge, £450 for a mouth guard that only fitted for a week. He then immediately recommended another mouth guard. He already knew the work he had to do prior to the first mouth guard, yet still went ahead. That strikes as unfair trading.

Dentists worse than plumbers, at least you can turn the water off at the main. Tooth pain now that’s a different matter entirely. They should be ashamed of themselves.