Why I don’t like doctors who only rely on data rather than observation

Our eldest daughter DD1 has mobility problems, she’s not bendy, she has difficulty running, she can’t bend over to do her shoelaces up and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

Trying to get a doctor in the NHS, to make a diagnosis and give us some information as to what it is is nigh on impossible. We see a specialist, who observes that she has trouble with ranges of movement, who then sends us for tests, when the tests come back they say there is nothing wrong with her.

We point out to the doctor, who observes her poor range of movement, who then agrees that there is something wrong with her and passes on to another doctor. In a weeks time well be going through this cycle again.

So far we seen three general paediatric specialists, a juvenile arthritis paediatric specialist, a paediatric joint specialist and next week we will be seeing a orthopaedic paediatric specialist. So this is what will happen, we’ll see the specialist who will agree that there is a problem with her range of movement, order some test and tell us to come back when the results are available. This will take around ten to fifteen minutes, a two month wait and then the cycle will begin again.

My grandmother was a medic and an arthritis specialist when I was 21 (she had retired by this point) she recommended that I go and ask for a sheep cell test as I had a lot of joint pain and guess what, I was diagnosed with arthritis and the anti inflamatories worked.
Now from what I remember of the information that was given to me by my grandmother, is that when you can feel that joints are hot, its generally an indicator that you have arthritis, DD1 joints are red hot and she complains of pain in them.

But getting a doctor to agree to anything is nearly impossible, their arrogance that they know better, plus their reliance on numbers crunched by data analysis systems frustrates the hell out of me.

I don’t trust them, they’re reliance on tests is poor, whats the point of paying someone huge sums of money to read a screen of data, it’s not as though they are actually doing any interpretation.

On our next visit, I’m going to time how long they spend reading the reports.