Procrastination or Indecision, Excluding this today I’ve written 705 words

To put it another way seven pages of a kindle book on my phone. Not that I’m interested in writing a novel, ‘cos I have no interest in trying to write a story. I’m quite decided about that, I have little or no interest in creative writing.

I guess a good novel is about three hundred pages long, so that would be around forty-five days of writing add another ten days for re-writes and edits. Add five days for planning. In total sixty days or two months.

I just find that a bit interesting, its just that I know someone who has been trying to write a novel for the last five years and doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I have no idea what the story is about, because he won’t tell anyone, lest the steal his story (eh! – I thought there only about seven plots anyway). He could never work out which way he wanted his plot to go.

I have another friend, who decided to become an online trader. He spent the inheritance he got from a relative on a shit hot set of PCs’, a desk that had hydraulics in it so at the press of a button he could go from seated to standing and lot of other fancy kit. By the time he’d got set up he only had a few grand left, which he proceeded to do nothing with in the way of trading because he could never decide what he wanted his portfolio to consist of or if he wanted to go short or long.

Procrastination and indecision, I think the latter is much more worse than the former. With the former, you can decide when to stop procrastinating and do something that you were putting off, with the latter you stuck in a loop not sure what to do.