Sometimes its a bit too much

I may belong to a liberal shul, but there are times when people plainly take the piss. I don’t mind the parents at the school gate who are members of our shul, but are never seen – they’re not even high day and holiday Jews.

But when some one is outside of the school catchment area and are plainly not from any kind of Jewish background (especially as so often we are referred to as a “race”). It pisses me off. Do you think that becoming part of a Jewish community is going to give you a leg-up in the world? Do you think its going to improve your kids lot in life?

Schleping the kids half way across London for what? Also, I was having a scooby at what the fella was proof reading, an evangelical christian sermon for a seventh day adventist church. We have one of those near us, they have bars on the windows where they whip the devil out and god into children (you should hear the screams emanating from that place).


You may be able to make the bars on the inside of the top window but not on the bottom window. The one with bars are where the screams come from.

I know that what I’m saying would upset my rebbe, he is a very tolerant man, but then Israel isn’t known for it’s tolerance, and yes in the UK, US and Tel Aviv there are lots of tolerant Jews. But, this form of piss-taking gets my goat.

Its not as though we haven’t directly experienced it ourselves. The independent school, although nominally church of England, was predominantly sikh and bhramin, DD1 was really upset when she had prepared an assembly all about Hanukkah, which was cancelled in  favour of an additional assembly for Divali, hmmm!!! diversity for the majority there.

It’s these kind of aspects of religion that make all the more, my enjoy being an Atheist, but please understand whilst I enjoy and respect the traditions, festivals and community of Judaism and respect DW and the DDs’ practice of faith, I don’t see the need for me to have a concept of g-d.