Tattoos and job hunting.

One of the great common myths is that you’ll never get a job if you have tattoos. What utter garbage. I’ve spent most of my adult life working for city financial institutions and having tattoos never stopped me from getting jobs in a rather conservative environment.

Rather its the location of the tattoos that is important, never anywhere visible. For me its easy, nothing outside of collars and cuffs. Keep my sleeves down, cuffs done up and in I go.


Left wrist.


Right wrist.

Maybe if I had bell and ends tattooed across my knuckles, now that would be a different story. The thing is as well if your a very talented person in your field, you have the academic qualifications, have been published and have sterling references then that trumps regrettable tattoos.

Both DW and I have tattoos and they have never stopped us from being employed.

So I can’t use tattoos as an excuse to procrastinate over looking for a job.