Not used to drinking, but I’m tired but not hungover

I had about six pints last night, that’s pretty unusual for me. I’m not a big drinker and can take it or leave it.

I feel a bit sooty after smoking too many cigarettes and a bit tired, but overall my. mood is pretty good. Not grumpy or angry or in a black humour just a bit tired. So it will be an early night.

DW developed a bit of a drinking problem last year and the effects of it rippled into this year. Now, she’s really good only a couple of pints an evening and sometimes none at all.

She went to alcohol abuse therapy at the beginning of this year and they taught her how not to use alcohol inappropriately and steps to manage, that’s the proper way to rehabilitate some one. Not lock them up in a rehab clinic where they enforce abstinence, no wonder most rehab clinics fail and the patients come out and reoffend. It should be about educating people in to the uses and abuses of alcohol.