Getting the children to eat, let alone eat properly

This morning was one of our usual pain points with the DDs’. They are fussy when it comes to eating. DD1, doesn’t like anything green, trying to convince her otherwise is a nightmare. DD2 on the other hand likes eating greenstuff.

Breakfast is, well pretty indescribable at times. DD2 likes drinking coconut and pineapple juice. It sweet, thick and filling, it’s fairly nutritionally balanced other than the amount of sugar it contains, so she’ll fill herself up on that, so by the time we’ve got around to preparing breakfast she’s full.

DD1 has taken to refusing breakfast, until that is we’re just about to leave for school and she announces she’s hungry…. aaaaargh!!!!

So this morning I didn’t give them a thing, until the usual announcement of I’m hungry. One quick brioche and nutella and she was happy. But what I had planed today was a bit different. Once out of the house DD2 announced she was hungry. Just by the bus stop is a cornershop and it sells nourishment, which is supposed to be a balanced malted milk drink, so I got them both a can. £1.25 each… ffs what a rip off.


But as you can see I was a bright spark an took straws with me.

Mind you I’ve taken to drinking soya milk and that’s £1.45 a litre, compared to two litres of milk at £1.35, its pretty stupid of the manufacturers to keep the price artificially high or is it that the dairies are keeping the price of milk artificially low.

I don’t quit know how to encourage better eating habits with the DDs’. Myself and DW aren’t good role models. We have different eating habits just like the girls. I like green, offal (liver, kidneys, stuffed heart). DW like the M&S style gourmand (gourmet my arse… they’re made in a factory) meals. We need to get into the habit of cooking again and more to the point having family meals. Trouble is living and working in London, kill that kind of thing stone dead. DW gets home from work between 6&7pm I get the children home between 4&4:30pm they want food then. I suppose I could give them a light tea and then cook something for the family for 7pm. But DW likes them to be in bed by 7:30 (out of sight out of mind). Also we watch a lot of post watershed catchup TV from 7ish onwards.

We need better role models.