Week 14:4

So today we’re a little bit better of I got £100 today which hopefully will see us through to Friday afternoon when DW gets paid.

It’s surprising how quickly you can get through money in London. Since DW operation we’ve got out of the habit of her taking a packed lunch to work.

Basically, this is how it worked, I’d make her wraps of some variety, well, usually a kosher salami and cheese, wrap it in tinfoil and put together a food-box of porridge, two cans of coke, some crisps, biscuits and the wraps. By doing this at home the daily cost of her lunch would be £2.35. By not taking a packed lunch and using cash the daily lunch spend has more than doubled and that’s only getting one wrap from a food stand.

It’s easy to understand why people get into financial straits, even eating just a wrap bought from a stand or shop can easily set you back a fiver. Throw in a couple of lattes, crisps, sandwich etc and you can easily burn through £20 a day. Eight years ago DW had a low paid job and we we’re constantly in a net deficit. The reason was this, her travel to the job, a breakfast and lunch spend on the hoof plus magazines (Cosmo, Red, Marie Clair) and a novel (she’s a voracious reader of chicklit) meant that she was overspending what she was earning.

Since then she took the qualifications to get much better paid jobs (project management), but it easy to understand why a  city like London can really screw people over.

So today I’ll spend some of the money I got today on buying lunch food. And get that habit back.

Any other noteworthy things for the next couple of days, nope nothing that I can think of at this moment in time.