The home made deliwrap and why its so much cheaper to make than buy

I got 24 cans of coke for £6.99, that’s just over 29p a can.



All the ingredients lined up (I didn’t use the cucumber)

The lavash/wraps/tortilla was £1 for eight so that’s 25p for two wraps (I could have got more cheaper but they’d go stale before we got round to using them).


The pastrami was £1.75 for 450gms I used 35gms thats 13p.

The beef and turkey salami was £1.09 and four slices came to 36p.

The chicken was the most expensive at 54p for four slices.


I used one gerkin between the two wraps and that was 9p.

The slaw was 75p for the big tub and I used a spoon each, so I guess a penny?

Next was a spoonful on each of mixed pickle the jar was £1.30, so I guess 10p.

Lastly is capers and mayo, teaspoon each lets call that 25p.


So in total, for two homemade deli wraps and a can of coke,  £2.02.

If I went to petticoat lane and bought the same from a food stand a three meat kosher wrap would be a fiver, the can of coke 75p, so in total I’ve made a saving of £8.73. or putting it another way if I was running a stand, I would have made a substantial profit.