Shameless USA how different it is to the uk one

I really like Shameless USA, it so different to the vast majority of US tv shows aired in the UK. It feels like watching the real US. Not those dreadful “reality” tv shows, that are scripted (?). Plus it’s a bit like watching the American Dream in action. They’re all trying to make a go of it (except Frank of course).

I could never watch the UK one because I knew too many people like the Gallager’s and sink estates like the Chatsworth one.

I guess as well we have a different ethos here in the UK too, I’m not one for criticising benefit culture, irrespective of benefits or not there will always be people like the Gallager’s, regardless of benefits.

The thing I like the most in shameless USA is there is an element of positivity. That there is a slim chance they can get out of the shit. I know that is not a trueism in the US, the poor there are really fucked by the US system.