Mood management, family parenting and Relationships

DW has been in a foul mood all evening. Since she came out of hospital after having her appendix removed, we’ve been having really early nights. I’ve started taking venlafaxine to try to manage my mood swings and it’s working really well. I’m happy about the way I am now, I’m not a miserable fuck, I’m pretty relaxed and generally I feel good.

DW on the other hand has been a miserable sod all evening long. The DDs’ are not that interested in sleeping tonight, they’re watching stampycat on YouTube. DW gets really worked up about them wanting to stay awake.

Because she was bullied by the In-laws who were shit parents, she brings they’re crap forward into our parenting. It’s time for that to end. I’ve asked her to read He Wins, She Wins. So that we can learn to negotiate effectively but she hasn’t read it.

Tonight I’m sleeping on the sofa, the reason is because I need distance from her. I’m chilled right now, but she’s liable to say something stupid which will set me off and cause me to blow up.

I’m pissed off about this and I wish she would get off her self-serving high horse and realise that we have to work together as a team to solve this shit and move forward.