I’m really in the mood for it.

I have to say I really could do with a good hard fuck with DW. She’s damn sexy, I could do with being deep inside her, feeling her insides and working my cock up to that spot just to the upper right of her cervix that makes her cum.

A few years ago we were close to having a threesome, I like to use that night as a fantasy when I have a wank about her. She offered to lend me to a mate of her’s who had never had her  her oussy eaten, or had cum.

DW neglected to mention to me that was on her mind, so I was polite and didn’t get involved in what she’s suggested tp her mate.

In hind-sight I did the right thing, but I love fantasising about DW and her mate sharing a blowjob with my cock and then DW wank me into her mates mouth and watching her enjoying swallow my load.