I’m continuing to rant about the parlous state of post mastectomy bras

So I’m a man who’s annoyed about this, yes I’m annoyed. I have every right to be annoyed as it affects DW and if it affects her it affects me. DW had a unilateral mastectomy three years ago. Prior to breast cancer she had beautiful boobies. I was never a boob man until I got together with DW (I’m much more of a bum man – more to the point just a bum).

I’ve done a quick search nothing comprehensive and came up with these from Rigby and Peller. Who were subject to my previous post, but that’s because of the gormless staff. This from Figleaves and this from Debenhams. Now if you follow the links they are rather plain, utilitarian things, no one has really put any effort into feminising them, in effect these suppliers are saying, well there’s not much point in letting you be feminine any more is there. Now if you switch it to 36FF which DW is, then she’s even more in the land of the purely functional.

Ok we could buy something from Freya or Fansatie, DW preferred pre mastectomy choice and sow in pockets, and make sure that they are not underwired etc. BUT that’s not the point. How can DW have a matching set of bra and knickers when its just not being done.