Getting them to school, kids and the complexity of the school run

Another morning and another school run. It’s a simple and complicated procedure. Depending on what time they fell asleep, decides the mood they’ll wake up in. DD1 makes this really horrible squeeling noise when you wake her up. It’s horrible, its like dry chalk on a blackboard. Then she starts refusing to go to school. DD2 is much better at waking up, less grumpy and miserable. Recently, she’s taken to waking at seven rather than the half five she’s been doing over winter.

Still, got them dressed, gave them food and drink, let them watch some TV then it’s off to catch the bus. Some mornings it can be a difficult two minute walk. Today wasn’t bad. Then to the Tube station, that can be a bit hairy, mainly due to the commuter crowd, most people in London don’t give a fuck about their fellow travellers and push shove and jostle their way into a station and on to the tube.

So we’re on the tube, then while I’m reading a bit of the metro, DD2 grabs it wanting to look at the comics. It was really annoying, it would be great if primary school kids could learn patience, but I guess that won’t come until they are older (only 13 years to go and I can pack both of them off to the Army, university, work) .

So we had a bit of a sulk and a strop. It makes you feel really guilty about a being a bad parent when the throw a wobbler on public transport, you really feel like you’re being judged. Also you don’t want a mumsnet lentil weaver posting about the shit dad, or some one youtubing it and it going viral.

That’s the tough thing now-a-days, not only do you feel that you’re being scrutinised you can be scrutinised now too.