20 years in an Israeli prison that’s and you couldn’t let them go for the sake of peace

I’ve just been reading Juan Cole’s informed comment about the current set back in the ongoing Israel Palestine mess. I am not sorry when I say this, but Israel you jailed these men before the 1993 Oslo accords they have been in prison for over 21 years.

Couldn’t you just have let these 29 men go? After 21 years in prison they will not be the same men you locked up in the first place. Haven’t you watched Hatufim?

My next question is, if you spent so much money keeping these men incarcerated, couldn’t you have done something to rehabilitate them, make them see that peace not armed struggle is the way forward. Or do you plainly not care, and your more than happy to keep them incarcerated at the expense of the Israeli citizens tax money.

This annoys me so much, Israel has the upper hand, it’s a regional superpower, it has money, strength and power, can’t it spend a little largess to change the face of the middle east for ever.