On Trying An Experiment #mebyme

It’ll be an interesting experiment, putting a hashtag in the title. I reckon wordpress will rejected it as the title forms part of the URI specification as its an anchor identifier an internal page link.

It’s interesting that so many web developers don’t know the RFC for describing an URI. Scheme://domain(including sub domains and TLD)/segments#anchor. It’s  pretty simple, Google, Apple and Microsoft are working on a new variant of the URI so that you can link to state within a mobile app.

You can try it on an android phone, go to chrome do a Google search for a location, click the link and you’ll find that Google Maps opens rather than showing you a map in the mobile browser. If you’ve never done it before chrome will prompt you for the app of your choice.

This is quite cool as it will allow mobile app to fully leverage REST and HATEOS and to goto part of the app that best utilises the information in the URI. Imagine you’re using a multi tabbed app on your phone, you do a search for a peice of information that is best displayed or served up in a native app, like a video clip or a audio clip, or an svg image you’ll get taken to the relevant part of the app.

Anyway let see if wordpress honours my hashtag. Fuck it worked.