On the School Pick-Up

Its been a lovely day today, picked the DDs’ up from school. I wore a pair of thinsulate lined boots which was a bit of a sod coming home. I hadn’t realised how hot my feet were until I started carrying DD2 on my shoulders. She’s been going through a phase of “I can’t walk”. So rather than getting worked up and tempers fraying I’ve taken to giving her shoulder rides. I’ll admit its good for core strength and my latimus dorsi are firming up nicely.

Anyway, we went to a play park. It’s really good since it was done up by the local borough it’s got a flying fox death slide a spinning flying saucer and a triangle teepee climbing frame slide. Just before I got there the social worker rang me to come around for a home visit, so that’ll be fun on Thursday.

It’s quite tiresome having the children on a child protection plan, we’re on it because of an over zealous newbie wet behind the ears social worker who wanted to make a name for herself. Well we gave her a rough time by following the plan to the letter.

We made one mistake, DW got pissed up and I hit her. I admitted to the police, I put myself on a DVIP, DW went to alcohol abuse therapy. We complied with all their wishes and they are still sticky-beaking into our lives. It hasn’t been helped by Mrs. Soup the independent school head teacher, who stitched us up every step of the way.

Anyway, once we move we will be out of that borough and into a different one and one thing social services hate doing is taking on the cost of another boroughs problem.

Final thing, for all the mumsnet harridans who reckon that once you have a dysfunctional that you should LTB. Well, harridens we’re gonna prove you wrong and turn this once upon a time disaster into a well adjusted happy family.