On Paying Bills

I just realised how difficult it will be on Friday, if all of the comms. connection’s are cut off by then. No credit on the phones means we can’t ring and pay, no internet means we can’t do online payment.  I once tried using pay point to pay for the TV licence, but unsurprisingly, none of the corner-shops would process it, the Indian call centre had given me spurious information because my question wasn’t quite on his answer list. Future note the barcode on the TV licence bill is not the right one for payment at a pay point.

It’s a bit scary to think that in the next ten years it will be nearly impossible to pay a bill off line. All we need is an energy crisis or an internet crisis to black out communications and we’ll be screwed, also the payment takers will start making punitive charges if you don’t use an online system. That really will be unfair.