On Controversy

I do not like what zionism has become, frankly, it’s an almost meaningless word now. There are so many misuses of it and you can pick or choose what flavour you want.

Some examples, Pete Tosh (an all time favourite musician of mine) quotes zion in his songs see here for Lion.

I don’t like the was the Likudniks, AIPAC and the settler movement have made it ultra right wing.

I liked the idea of socialist Zionism, the thing that started off the kibbutz movement. I should have done the kibbutz thing when I was a teenager. I was initially going to do Hayal Boded, but the first Lebanese war had broken out and my Grandmother was mortified by the idea of me serving in a combat unit, as I would have done. Given the person I was when I was in my late teens, she knew full-well I would come back in a body bag, I’d been conditioned by my Grandfather to stand up and fight and by my Grandmother as well she did Greenham Common, Rock against Racism and anti Apartheide demos in the early 80’s. But going to war is different and it was a war neither of my Grandparents believed in.

I come from a family that has s strong belief in Israel, but not the Israel of the right wing, or the ultra orthodox. My Grandmother’s family were Aishs’, my mother worked for Edmund Saffra, my Granduncle fought for independence and haganah. So I have a real connection. Secular Israel is the way forward, state and people over religious fundamentalism. Citizens first, beliefs for the individual, whether its faith, politics or football teams.