On This Weeks Cashflow

Money is going to be a bit scarce this week. We did a big food shop last Monday, so we’re OK for food. Tomorrow I have to top up my Oyster card, £23 from our £50 cash in hand. Also there are the cigarettes, each of us buying one packet each a day costs us £11.80, if we smoked Marlboro like we used to it would be closer to £18 per day.
That’s £83 per week.
That’s £354 per month.
That’s £4301 per year.
Or a nice meal out with the family once a week.
Or a new luxury item once a month.
Or a Disney cruise holiday for the family one a year.
Tomorrow is the first of April, the new tax year starts, the budget will kick in.

None of the above is a real incentive to make us quit smoking, health is also not an incentive.

A mate once told me that he quit because his son complained of how it made him smell.

That’s not really an incentive either.

We need a good incentive to motivate us.


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