On Maps

Twice in the last four days, Google maps on my phone has come to someone’s aid.

Friday, a chap stopped me at a Tube station and asked for directions to a cemetery, I apologises and said I didn’t know the area that well. The a though light-bulbed in my head, Google maps. Hold on, I said, I’ll just have a look on maps. Well, he was about half a kilometre away from it straight down the road we we’re on. He thanked me and went on his way.

Today, a lady in a car pulled up next to me and asked for directions to x. Knowing where it was I started to give her directions, again a thought popped into my head. I asked where did she actually want to go to as there were a number of different directions for significant places. Tube station, rail station, shopping park, leisure centre, Supermarket. She told me that she wanted the leisure centre, which was just as well as I was about to send her to the tube station. I pulled out my phone again and showed on the map. It was a simple route. Left at the T junction, follow the road to the traffic lights, turn right follow the road and you can’t miss it… its got a big blue water flume pipe slide on the front.