An Irregular Subject

It is Palestinian Land Day today. A complicated subject for a lowly Liberal Jew to mention. I don’t like that aspect of Israel, I don’t like right-wing zionists, I don’t like Likudniks or the Settler movement. My Grand Uncle Frank Aish didn’t fight in the Hagganah for this.

In ’46 he went to Palestine, he was a decorated aircrew (a WOMAG wireless Operator, Mechanic Air Gunner) from RAF Coastal Command, he believed in Israel, but after the Sargent’s affair. He quit Israel to return to London, according to my Grandmother, he was so angered by the betrayal of the British Administration and the ongoing anti-British activities that he couldn’t participate any longer and had had enough of hatred and war.

My Granduncle and my Great Grandfather we’re vehement haters of Nazism, Fascism and Bolshevism which is why they eventually ended up in the UK. As at that time Britain was the last hope for a free Europe and to stop the mass murder (my Grandmother on the other hand was spirited away to Lisbon).

I believe in Israel, I would like a one state solution, full integration of Palestine with Israel, with full citizenship, full democracy and a peaceful future for the whole of the Levantine. Two people, one land, one common past, one common future.