On Remaking Habits

I’ve recently lost a couple off habits that I was working hard at forming.

First one, keeping a handwritten event appointment diary.

Second, keeping track of out incoming and outgoing cash-flow.

I need to get back on track with both. They are both good habits to have. In some respects you can use one to help with the other. Something I need to add into my diary is a mood. What mood am i In at a particular moment and how that affects the subsequent things I do.

I tend to be quite mercurial, DW doesn’t know half the time what mood I’m in and how its going to swing.

One thing I must do is book some GP appointments, I’ve started taking 35.5mgs of Ventrofaxine on top of my Mirtazapine 30mgs and I have to admit it has stabilised my mood swinging.

So its time to use the change in my behaviour for good, start the diary again, start tracking money again.