On Hoxton

I should have done a photo blog for this one. Well, surprisingly Hoxton hasn’t changed that much. Columbia road market appears more popular, but I guess that’s down to TV making it a bit more know. Plus it’s mothers day so flower buying.

Talking of mothering Sunday, as a family we’re pretty shit at doing these things. Same with fathers day, but we can do birthdays (well the children’s at least) and festivals well. DD1 had her photo in the JC for Purim. Our youngest won the prize for best outfit for five year olds as she went as ballistic squid.

That was another bit of school-gate consternation. Pissed fat non-kosher mum, complained about DD2 Purim fancy-dress, it was ballistic squid, sorry if you are missing out on Minecraft love, but the youtube clips are really popular. This is also the woman who post pic of herself giving her five year old kid cans of larger and bottles of wicked.

You know, it really pisses me off, things like that. We’re on a social services watch list cos I lost my temper at DW and the and the smug independent school head-teacher, Mrs. Soup grassed us up to social services. You know we should have pulled the kids as soon as that happened.

Yet here we have a case of a dozy (and un-attractive) mum posting photos of herself giving her kid booze. And she has the temerity to complain about ballistic squiid.

Anyway, back to Hoxton, the Geffrey museum was great, saw a couple of really good tattoo studios, loads of Viet Pho cafes selling bowls of Pho at £6.50.
I had a coffee, DD1 had a slice of chocolate cake. We then got a bus to the Lea-Bridge road funfair, DD1 went on one ride and we came home.

On the other hand DW and DD2 had a really shite time at a party in Abridge, I told her that it was a bad idea, to start with there is less than fuck all in Abridge (not even a bridge) and its a bugger to get to if you don’t have a car.

Note to self, don’t go anywhere outside of the M25, it’s a wasteland.