On Being Attractive.

No, this isn’t a vanity post about vanity, it’s not about me. I really fancy DW, we’ve been married nearly ten years and WOW! Do I fancy her, today, I really fancy her belly. She doesn’t like it, her tum has had a rough time of it.

When we first got naked she had a pierced bellybutton, oh! didn’t it just turn me on. Later on when she was heavily pregnant with DD1 and she had a big round taught belly, I found it just as sexy as before. Then DD2 came along and the same happened.

I know she doesn’t like me snogging her belly anymore, two kids and a stressy few years, have altered it in her eyes, so she sees herself no longer attractive. Also, she’s had a single mastectomy and has a huge scar across her chest. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and too me she is beauty personified.

She had wonderful big pert full large nippled (which were pierced too) boobies and one was taken away from her. Sadly, the remaining one only serves to remind her of the deliciousness of the boobies.

I’m unhappy about the effect the cancer had on her, it changed her view of herself, but right here, right now I think she is gorgeous. And that will always remain the case.