Big Teeth and the Tattoos

I have tattoos. Simple, straight forward and as easy to comprehend as a three word sentence. So has DW (hers are bigger and better than mine). Now, most people would consider them a lot. Each wrist is tattooed, both upper arms and my right chest.

The thing is mine are masculine and dark, skulls, dragons, black and white work, except that is my left wrist – it has the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon with script around it (except its more red than pink so a lot of people mistake it for HIV awareness).


The school gate is a minefield of custom and behaviour, attitudes are all over the place as people form their own little groups.

Big Teeth is a school gate mum, who is a natural born complainer  and awash with naive prejudices. Well yesterday she had a good old complain to one of her crew. She was tut tut tutting about me being in a T-shirt and my tattoos visible… “It’s not right you know, it’ll scare the children”.

I seriously doubt the children will notice, this is also the woman who tutted about us being a “religious family”. The school was predominantly formed to serve our Shul and three other Progressive, Reform and Liberal Synagogs. Next time she complains, I’ll have a complain to someone too, our Rebbi is also the school Rebbi and a governor too.