About the Weekly Spend

I cannot believe we’ve spent £430 this week, I dont know where its gone… I have a rough idea but seeing it evaporate over this week has been, well, not good.

Last Friday we started with £1000, on Wednesday we received an extra £100. I know on Monday we spent;

£97 at Tesco’s

£20 on oyster

over the weekend it was

£20 to Hospital TV for DW

£20 on PAYG for DW phone

£20 cash for Hospital shop

£100 taken from cash point for general expenses, I know £40 evaporated at M&S

And sadly I have say, that DW and myself are smokers and thats another £85 gone up in smoke.

The rest I have no idea £40 to the school for lunches

Money is a difficult commodity now-a-days