On the School Run

On the School Run

So organising a “school-run” for parents working in London. Not the running variety of school-run done by the Nike Air-Mesh Max Legging wearing phthistic (as in Lawence Durrell’s usage of the word in Alexandria Quartet)  goop-tastic mums of West london. The getting the DDs’ to primary school, via London public transport; bus and tube.

Presently, we’re getting the bus between ten past and quarter past eight, then tube at twenty or half past eight and then a ten minute walk to school alongside a busy road, full of school-run SUV’s

it’s much harder getting them home, they’re tired and full of beans, grouchy and happy, hungry, thirsty and generally just kids. But, it’s tough getting them home. I have to admit that I find getting them home really difficult, London is a clash of cultures and full of weirdo’s. Yesterday, for example, we were in an empty carriage on the tube. completely empty, my eldest daughter was sitting by herself at the end of the carriage. My other daughter and myself we about three seats away on the other side. A person gets in the carriage, so its now me, my two DDs’ and this other person. And they chose to sit right next to my eldest daughter… WTF!!!! Four stops later, I found the reason why, the person wanted the end corner seat. When it was time to get off, as soon as my daughter made a move to get up, this person pushed her to get to the end corner seat.

It’s difficult on public transport, you want your DCs’ to behave, yet all they ever see is rude, pushy, weird behaviour of the adults, so they don’t see good behaviour around them. It then gets you stressed out because you just want to get from A to B with little or no trouble, yet you’re constantly on the look out for the children and to prevent mean spirited adults from pushing and shoving.

We need to get a car!!!